Understanding Abortion: A Visual Resource

Understanding abortion: a visual resource aims to fill a gap in communication, reducing literacy and language barriers around abortion messaging. It can be used with a range of different audiences, including people with learning disabilities, to support them in the process of making an informed and consensual decision on pregnancy and abortion.

This resource offers an insight into what the process of having an abortion is like, showing what a young person’s journey would be if they decided to have an abortion.

It is aimed to support community health workers, young people, and others people advocating for an increase in knowledge and information on abortion and reducing the stigma surrounding it. This is a versatile tool, in which the reader can select the most relevant parts of the story according to their needs or those of their audience.

We hope this tool can support those who require more information and may need to access safe abortion services.

This resource can be used on its own or alongside other IPPF resources around abortion, such as the How to talk about abortion: a guide to rights based messaging or How to educate about abortion: A guide for peer educators, teachers and trainers. In addition, IPPF have produced videos on What is a surgical abortion and What is a medical abortion.

For further information on this resource, such as translation into other languages, contact abortionstigma@ippf.org.