Overprotected and Underserved: The influence of Law on Young People's Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health in Philippines

This report presents findings of a study exploring the influence of law on young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health in the Philippines. Whilst there is a wealth of global research on the social, cultural and economic dimensions of sexual and reproductive health, much less is known about the influence of law on access to rights and services. This is despite the fact that every state around the world, without exception, has developed legislation that is in some manner designed to regulate, enable, restrict and control sexual and reproductive health, for different groups of people, and in different situations and circumstances.

In recent years there has been a growing interest amongst advocates for sexual and reproductive rights in the interplay between legal frameworks and access to protections and services. This research project contributes to efforts to build evidence and knowledge in this area, to guide future advocacy and programming work, with the ultimate aim of promoting and protecting young people’s sexual and reproductive rights.