Humanitarian Action in the Pacific “Towards Strengthening Local Action in the Pacific"

The report, Humanitarian Action in the Pacific: “Towards Strengthening Local Action in the Pacific”, is a joint initiative under the leadership of the Pacific Resilience Partnership (PRP).  The PRP is committed to contributing evidence to uphold accountability to commitments made at the Grand Bargain in Istanbul, May 2016 during the World Humanitarian Summit. This report contributes to realising the Framework of the Resilient Development in the Pacific, an integrated approach to addressing climate change and disaster risk management in the Pacific, specifically on Goal 3 on ‘strengthened disaster preparedness, response and recovery’. This report places local non-government actors at both regional and national levels at the centre of the localisation discourse in the region. In doing so, it recognises the pivotal, and complementary role NGOs play to government and the distinct strength of humanitarian work currently in the Pacific. The report provides recommendations based on a mapping survey conducted across 19 Pacific Island Countries and Territories during 2020.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation, alongside partner agencies in the Pacific, provided support which enabled the PRP Localisation Technical Working Group to produce this report.