Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA)

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Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA) is a civil society organization established in 1954. 

JFPA believes in the life-cycle approach when addressing and delivering sexual and reproductive health services that includes family planning and maternal and child health services. We are attempting to spread this concept by using the abbreviated term, "ripuro herusu" (which means reproductive health in English). 

We are working in the field of modern contraception, adolescent health, health promotion and sexuality education, maternal and child health, infertility counselling, sexual health of middle-aged women, treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), prevention of sexual violence and child abuse.  JFPA also promotes international cooperation in partnership with doctors, health nurses, midwives, health workers, nursing teachers and social workers. We also advocate for women’s and adolescent health issues and engages policy and lawmakers. 

JFPA works hand in hand with the government and strives to achieve ‘a society where everyone in the country can have access to voluntary reproductive health services.’  

Our activities include: 

  1. Printing/Issuing of our original publication “Kazoku to Kenko (which means family and health in English)” and holding various seminars and workshops for educational and public relations purposes. (https://www.jfpa.or.jp/kazokutokenko/ )

  2. Providing services and information on adolescent health, contraception, infertility, sexuality education, prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)and heredity through clinic-based counselling. 

  3. Developing and distributing educational material and equipment which promotes reproductive health. 

Contact details:

Address:1-10 Ichigaya-Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,Japan 

Phone Number:+81-3-3235-2694
Email: kitamura@jfpa.or.jp  
Fax: +81-3-3269-6294 

Website: https://www.jfpa.or.jp/