Regional Council

The Regional Council (RC) is the equivalent of a yearly Members Assembly, bringing together volunteer delegates of the Member Associations (MAs). The RC meets once a year to provide leadership development, a forum for discussion and exchange of information on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues, consider reports from the Regional Executive Council (REC) and any task force setup and to further the objectives of IPPF in the region along with deliberating on governance issues. The Regional Office (RO) acts as the secretariat, providing guidance and support to the RC members, who are representatives from the MAs, including youth.

The RC elects a Regional Chairperson and a Regional Treasurer to conduct the affairs of the Council and the Region once every three years. The RC also elects the REC whose membership is composed of nine elected representatives from the MAs, and which meets thrice annually, to attend to matters and policies of regional relevance. At both the RC and the REC levels, the composition of members are at least 50 per cent women and 20 per cent youth in accordance with IPPF ESEAOR's requirements.