IPPF Membership is maintained through an accreditation system that emphasizes accountability and transparency. It is a mechanism for gaining and maintaining full IPPF membership. The 10 principles are:

1. Open and democratic

2. Well-governed

3. Strategic and progressive

4. Transparent and accountable

5. Well-managed

6. Financially healthy

7. A good employer

8. Committed to results

9. Committed to quality

10. A leading non-governmental organization in its country

Members are accredited through the system every 5 years, following which they have a 12-month period to meet all the compliance requirements.

Through the system, members are able to self-reflect and improve their performance, as well as increasing public and international confidence in their work. While IPPF continues to strive as a result-oriented, quality and accountable Federation.

The first accreditation phase started 2003 to 2008 and successfully accredited a total of 17 members in the region. The second phase started 2009 to 2015 and re-accredited 15 full members and promoted 6 associate members in the Pacific to full members. In addition to that, the region identified collaborative partners in three countries which are Laos, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.

In 2015, a review on the accreditation system was carried out to align the system to the new IPPF Strategic Framework (2016 – 2022). Strengthening quality of care, building activists and volunteers, increasing access of young people to comprehensive sexuality education, branding and social marketing are among the focus of the revised system.

The third phase (2016 – 2021) kick-started with New Zealand and Malaysia Members. New Zealand Member Association (New Zealand Family Planning) completed their accreditation review in August 2016 while Malaysia Member Association (Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia) will be held in October 2016.